Here are some examples of how people using the  Multiple Shipping Addresses option.

  • A high profile business owner sends seasonal gifts at Chinese New Year to their supplier’s offices.
  • Multiple Real Estate Agents send closing gifts to customers outside of town and couriers the rest of their order to their office.
  • A busy parent sends gifts to teachers in December and June for an elementary school, secondary school, as well as a care package to their eldest in university.

Multiple Shipping Addresses is the #1 feature requested by our customers – and we delivered.

Go for it! Splitting your order into different destinations is a snap!

Pro tip: If you register for an account with us your addresses are saved securely for the future.

  1. Click “Add Shipping Address” link and enter your addresses
  2. Assign the addresses to your gift items
  3. If you make changes click update
  4. When you are finished click Save and Continue

If you need assistance check our FAQ’s and contact us, we are here to help.

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