Au Chocolat

Is death by chocolate a real thing? It is now! But, OH! What a way to go! Give the gift of award-winning chocolate, as well as chocolate themed products brought to you by the best in the West. Indulge in items like the Cocoa West Cedar 56% Milk Chocolate Bar that is to die for (do we sense a theme here?) with its melt in your mouth deliciousness. Also within this coma inducing chocolate gift box, you can lather yourself (or a cookie!) in the exquisitely delicious Grand Marnier Chocolate Fondue spread. Only the real chocolate fanatics will indulge in Kapow Now’s Chocolate Glop with the all chocolate spoon we’ve included. We are committed to providing you with the ultimate chocolate experience for any occasion.

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Chocolate Dipped Fruit from Xoxolat of Vancouver

Chocolate Dipping Spoon from Xoxolat of Vancouver

Raspberry Truffles from Xoxolat of Vancouver

Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels from ChocolaTas of Abbotsford

Cedar 56% Milk Chocolate Bar from Cocoa West Chocolatier of Bowen Island

Sweet & Spicy Pretzel Crunch from Batch Sweet Kitchen of Vancouver

Milk Almond Bar from Whistler Chocolates of Whistler

 Grand Marnier Chocolate Fondue Spread from Caramoomel Natural Fine Food Creations of Kelowna

43%, & 83% Chocolate Bars from Thomas Haas of North Vancouver

Orange and Chocolate from Thomas Haas of North Vancouver

Milk Chocolate Almond Butter Crunch from Fraser Valley Gourmet of Langley

Chocolate Glop – Chocolate Spread from Kapow Now! of Vancouver

Cherry Cashew Dark Chocolate Bar, and Toasted Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bar from Denman Island Chocolates of Denman Island

Chocolate Pistachio Shortbread from Péché Mignon of Vancouver

Manuka Honey Chocolate Truffle Bar from Zibidel Creations of Vancouver

Tea Towel by Local Tsimshian Artist, Corey W. Moraes for Native Northwest of Vancouver



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