The Left Coast Enthusiast

Our token of appreciation to all things “Left Coast” in a perfectly sized gift box that won’t break the bank. Enjoy goodies like our Chilkat Whale Dark Chocolate Bar and the almost too pretty to eat Hummingbird Milk Chocolate Bar from Vancouver’s own Native Northwest. Wash it all down with a relaxing cup of I Am Refreshed loose-leaf tea in your very own beautiful Dancing Eagle Insulated Water Bottle from Native Northwest. This is the perfect gift for any proud West Coast local, or a thoughtful “thanks for visiting the Left Coast” memento to tourists hoping to take some of the best the West Coast has to offer back with them.


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Odyssey White Brut Sparkling Wine

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Hen House Sly White Wine

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Hen House Ruffled Red Wine

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Sid's Vodka

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Chilkat Whale Dark Chocolate Bar, Hummingbird Milk Chocolate Bar, and Frog Milk Chocolate Bar from Native Northwest of Vancouver

Manuka Honey Chocolate Truffle Bar from ZibaDel Creations of Vancouver

Sweet & Spicy Pretzel Crunch from Batch Sweet Kitchen of Vancouver

Cherry Cashew Dark Chocolate Bar from Denman Island Chocolates of Denman Island

Lemon Infused Honey from Mellifera Bees of Vancouver

Toasted Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bar from Denman Island Chocolates of Denman Island

Cedar 56% Milk Chocolate Bar from Cocoa West Chocolatier of Bowen Island

I Am Refreshed loose leaf & Tea Strainer from Hornby Island Tea of Hornby Island

Butterflies Notebook & Heron Coin Purse from Native Northwest of Vancouver

Raspberry Truffles from Xoxolat of Vancouver

Fig & Walnut Wine Preserve from The Presevatory of Vancouver

Tea Towel by local Tsimshian artist, Corey W. Moraes for Native Northwest of Vancouver



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