Water Cooler Warrior

What’s more interesting than gossiping around the water cooler? How about gossiping around a delicious assortment of ready to enjoy treats! That’s why “The Water Cooler Warrior” doesn’t show up to an office event empty handed. In this box, you will find the best Peanut Brittle and Milk Chocolate Slated Caramels ever served at a work event.  To win even more office brownie points, we included the best Thyme and Sea salt Crackers, and Sweet and Spicy Pretzel Crunch to help curb their cravings. Now, if that’s not the makings of a good party, I don’t know what is! As we said, the Water Cooler Warrior comes well prepared for any occasion.

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Odyssey White Brut Sparkling Wine

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Thyme and Sea Salt Crackers from Jenny Marie’s Crackers of  Victoria

Sweet and Spiced Pretzel Crunch from Batch Sweet Kitchen of Vancouver

Chocolate Chip Cookie and Ginger & Chocolate Cookie from Kitchening & Co. of Langley

Raspberry Truffles from Xoxolat of Vancouver

Tea Towel by local Tsimshian artist, Corey W. Moraes for Native Northwest of Vancouver

Peanut Brittle from Lisa Lous Chocolate Bar of Vancouver

Milk Chocolate Slated Caramels from ChocolaTas of Abbotsford

Gold Embossed Cocktail Napkins included



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